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Thrive Don't Just Survive | Karen Ingram

Thrive Don't Just Survive

The Secret to a Happy and Profitable Health and Fitness Business

Are you one of the many talented therapists or fitness instructors, who went into business to share your passion for what you do and to help other people? Yet do you struggle to get clients, earn a living wage and manage your time? Are you surviving rather than thriving in business?

Despite being good at what they do, many people in the health, wellbeing and fitness sector struggle to earn a living wage. Some at best have a ‘paying hobby’ that just about covers the cost of their next course or qualification; while others make a loss, or are shored up by a second family income. We can all end up working long, often anti-social hours and catching up with admin late into the night. Feeling overworked, burnt out and hating the admin burden of being a sole trader. Hardly the dream lifestyle.

In Thrive, best selling author Karen Ingram shares the secret of how you can combine your talent and passion for what you do with simple and effective business tools to make being in business a joy. Thrive highlights some of the common pitfalls that therapists and fitness instructors fall into when starting out in business. The book takes you through 5 clear steps to get your business healthy, happy and fit.

So whether you are a Pilates or yoga teachers, massage therapists, counsellor, nutritional therapist, osteopath or acupuncturists, you can learn the secret of running a profitable and happy lifestyle business from this book.

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The paperback, published by Rethink Press has a cover price of £11.99.

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Karen Ingram | Thrive Don't Just Survive